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ILVE was dreamed up by two visionary friends in 1969, Mr Illotti and Mr Berno. They used their collective manufacturing skills to develop commercial quality cookers for local restaurants as a way of indulging their passion for fine food.

Like many family businesses, ILVE started in the garage of Mr. Illoti’s house and continued to grow. As ILVE grew in popularity, Mr Illotti and Mr Berno started producing domestic cookers, and from then on ILVE continued to make its mark as a luxury appliance in homes.

In the early nineties, the time came for Mr Illotti and Mr Berno to pass ownership of the business onto their sons, meaning that even after all these years, ILVE is 100 percent family-owned.

For over 40 years, all of ILVE’s products have centered
around the core principles of quality and safety

The wealth of experience gained over the years, has resulted in ILVE being at the forefront of superior design and unique styling combined with advanced safety technology. ILVE strives to constantly offer the widest choice of quality cooking appliances to meet any kitchen’s requirements through leadership in both innovation and design.